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Del-Mart Molds :: Aluminum Hand Pour Molds

Del-Mart Molds has been making bait molds since 2002. We make molds for Hand pouring , injection, and lead.
We are a full service cnc machine shop that specialize in Lure molds. We make all of our molds in house, we have 100% control on every mold we make. Our Machines are U.S. made and the Material we use is Made in the U.S.A. as well, so quality is always there.

We have many Aluminum Bait molds to choose from, If you don't see something you want feel free to contact us and request a bait you are looking for. More than Likely we have it avail and programmed, we have over 500 baits programmed and many more in the works.

We do custom mold work for Customers that have there own unique bait, We can start from a picture and turn it into a fully functionable bait mold wether you hand pour or use injection.

  Aluminum Hand Pour Molds
 Stik Molds
27 Products
 Lead Molds
 Creature Baits ( Craw Tail, Plug Craw, Bug molds etc)
14 Products
 Drop Shot Molds
23 Products
 Chunk Molds
9 Products
 Bush, Bug and Lizzard molds
8 Products
 Frog and Toad Molds
2 Products
 Worm Molds
10 Products
 Salt Water Bait Molds
10 Products
 Tube Molds
7 Products
 Soft JerkBait Molds
18 Products
 Reaper Molds
2 Products
 Skirt Molds
4 Products
2 Products
 Grub Molds
6 Products
 Swim Baits
7 Products
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