A Decent Reel at a very affordable price

Looks nice but will it perform?

For those of you who don't know me, I am very very pleased with Curado reels. To the point where I would never stray unless it was the next model up from Shimano.

Kurt came over the other night and brought 6 Bass Pro Shop "Rick Clunn Signature Series"(rcx 1000H) reels over for me to help him set up. They have 8 stainless steel ball bearings and a 6 pin Centrifugal Brake system. I laughed at him for buying a BUNCH of no name reels without at least trying them first.

Set-up was a pain considering the instructions really didn't say anything other than on and off. After thinking they were like the Curado, we pulled the pins out but the cover wouldn't fit. We played with the reel for about 30 mins and figured out you push them in all the way to turn them off and pull them out just a tad to turn them on. We spooled 8lb trilene xl on one cause that is all I had handy (after all it was just a test). Put the reel on one of my kids poles about 5 foot tall and a med action. Played with it in the house pitching to the door with a 1/2 oz weight. Had a few back lashes. We decided to take it outside and try it.

I have a 3 lane road in front of the house (its a very wide road). I stood on my side of the curb and pitched it to the other side. WOW! I was impressed! It went halfway into the neighbor's yard with little backlash (my settings were still not set right). Tried casting with a 3/8 oz sinker and it flew way down the road with no backlash.

I asked Kurt to order me 2 when he made his next order (he said he was ordering 6 more). I gave him the cash and he gave me one to try on Friday (Waterdog Willies tourney).

Friday night comes and I rigged it up with a texas rigged 1/8 oz weight, 7.5" worm, 7' med heavy rod and started flipping the banks. After fiddling with it a few times I got it so no backlash what so ever. I could pitch this worm about 50% farther than the Curado. So I now decided to try a rattle trap and see how it casts. Same rod and reel just tied on a 3/8oz rattle trap. I was able to cast about 50% farther than the Curados as well. Now mind you, I don't use a med hvy for cranks, I use a med to med light and I am sure I will be able to cast farther with one of those set-ups on the same reel. I was pretty impressed.

Dark came quickly so I went back to pitching. I couldn't wait to see how it worked on reeling in fish (bite was slow for me). I tossed the texas rig into heavy cover (forgetting I had 8lb test on) and had a nice fish on. Was able to play in for a few seconds before losing it. Saw it also was in the 5-6 lb range. Had another on and broke it off setting the hook.

I was very impressed with the smoothness of the reel and the pitching ability, the reel cranks very nice and in my opinion smoother than the Curado's. Granted my Curados are 2-5 years old and very very used (I use them almost everyday, but they do work like brand new). The feel of the Rick Clunn Series is just as nice and comfortable as the Curado as well.

The brake is different than the Shimano system, so it will take a little bit of getting used to it. I asked Kurt to order me another one and I am thinking of 4-5 more of them. Also when he ordered them they came to him at a sale price of $69.95. He didn't know they were on sale when he ordered his. For those of you that have Curados and want a good reel, try one of these. I think you will be impressed, I know I was. I hope I can get the same amount of usage out of them that I do on the Curados.

This is the clutch system on a Rick Clunn RCX 1000 H

Better picture

On the above pictures You will notice that the top pic and plastic piece it in the ON position the pin just to the right of it is in the OFF position. The red lever between the 2 pins makes contact to the brass ring (kinda like a drag). In the picture below (the cover you take off the reel to access the Clutch's).

Better picture

You can set the amount of drag by changing the pressure of red piece. One pin will be less than 2 pins in contact with the brass ring. To get a feel for the reel set all the plastic hat piece's to the ON (pull them above the little bump as seen on the 2nd pic just below the hat on the top pin)

I will get more in the days to come. I hope this helps. If you have any questions feel free to email me at

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