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The Pros and Cons of all AZ Tournaments

Over the years I have fished quite a few Bass Tournaments. I have only seen a few really bad ones. Most are pretty good. Some have some great payouts and others are just average. In these pages I am going to detail the good and bad of almost every tourney in central AZ. Not only from my experience, but from others who have fished them as well. If you see something you disagree with tell me, and if you can prove it to me, I will retract some things and maybe put up your email as well. I am working on talking to every tournament director there is for all the tourneys in central AZ.

If you have any tournaments you want mentioned, email me and I will put them up. If you have any you want taken down because you don't like what I or others say, TUFF! It's a 2 way street and there will be good and bad. Unless you prove us wrong, then it stays. I will post your email so you can have your say. Law suits are welcome.

Now that we are all settled lets start with the Federation Clubs. These are the backbone of all tournaments. The Federation Clubs are where many of us got started. I recommend them to everyone if you want to get started in tourney fishing. The people are great and you will learn a lot. They fish a lot of different lakes in central AZ and they have a standard set of rules, board members and by laws which make a club run. The Arizona State Federation is the one you will need to fish if you want to make the state team and maybe have a chance at the Bass Masters Classic. Most Federation Clubs will send a few teams to participate in the Federation Tournaments.

Next we have the tourneys that have nothing to do with any federation and are pretty much membership free. You don't have to belong to a club or the federation or B.A.S.S. to fish these. Monterey Bass Company is one such circuit. This is a tourney where one member of the team must be over 40 years old.

There are some Bass Tournaments in central AZ where you will need to have a membership. A.B.A. (American Bass Association) is one of those circuits.  All Star Tournaments (3 different divisions) have been around for a long time. National Bass has tried to make its entrance into central AZ but is not fairing too well.  W.O.N. Bass is also a membership tourney here in central AZ. The only problem is that they only have one tourney in central AZ. .

We also have the yearly tournaments put on by local bait shops. These are good quick (3-6 hour events) tourneys and well worth the entry fee. Most are held in the summer time and after work hours in the evening. Waterdog Willy's /Fisherman's Choice is every Wednesday and Friday night during the summer months. Liars Korner is every other Wednesday at Saguaro lake and Canyon lake. The newest addition to this is the Waterdog Willy's Saturday Tournament . This tourney is put together by Jeff at Waterdog Willy's West. The payout is fantastic.

We then have a few once a year tournaments. These include Bill Luke Big Bass Days and Chapman Dodge (which didn't have one this year) .

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