Eastside vs Westside?

Seems that the Eastside thinks they are better than the Westside

East side girls

westside girls

You be the Judge who looks better

We'll as you can see the "EASTSIDE" is very proud of there Catch of CATFISH.

Even the Westside will catch a NonBass But not before a Real Bass goes in the BOAT.

I Don't understand why, Maybe its because they think they are better than everyone else. I know the east side has been spouting off at the keyboard lately. We had an informal get together at Saguaro Lake after the last Game and Fish meeting. Yeah they caught more fish. (even if they were catfish) but hey they caught something anyway.

There has been some talk about a bunch of us meeting at different lakes in the valley. Like once or twice a month on different lakes each time, to see who the real fishermen are. No money involved ( the east side cant afford it) but rumor has it a Pink thong will be awarded to the winners. My bets on the west side !!

Stay Tuned