Lawman Bass club

Lawman's Club Info:

Hello and thanks for the inquiry to our fishing club. We are a very small club by comparison to some of the "Federation type" clubs. We are not affiliated with BASS, WON, or any other association. We just like to get together for one meeting a month and one tournament a month. I am the president of the club. I was just elected along with all new VPres, Secretary, and Treasurer. We kept our tournament director in place. Our outgoing board had worked very hard to establish us as a legitimate club with by-laws, membership and they just wanted to fish for a change without the responsibilities of the board. We are glad they set the club on the right course and all we have to do is keep it going.

Our annual membership dues are $30 per person to join. Our tournament cost are as much as you want them to be. You can fish just the basic tournament with a chance to win "the tournament." Or, you can fish the tournament and Options; option 1 and 2. Then, you can enter the other pots for "big fish of the tournament" and the "5 pound club" pot. The most you can spend is $70 per team/month. The 5 pound pot is a roll-over type pot that you have to buy into each month. Example: If you joined the club in February, you would have to buy back into the January pot (because nobody won it) and the pot rolls over into the February tournament. At the end of the year, if no-one has won the 5 pound pot, we just combine it with the last tournament of the year's Big Fish pot. Two years ago, a 2.5 pound fish won a $1000 at Bartlett. We had 3 winners last year with a 6.8, a 5.5, and 6+. We maintain a scoring system where first place get 50 points, second gets 49 points, 48 for third, etc., etc., We have 2 throwouts, meaning only your top 9 tournaments will count towards the end of year total. At the end of the year, we get prizes for the top three teams. Each month at the meetings we have a tackle raffle for $5 for 6 tickets and a chance to win spinnerbaits, plastics, line, etc. All of the money collected goes into the club funds and pays for insurance, mailings, and whatever is left supplements the end of year banquet.

We had our Jan. tournament at Pleasant where a 3.91 was big fish. We had 13 boats. 3.5 pounds would have put you in the top 3 and earned you a check.

We have 10 tournaments left. We have a newsletter that we send via e-mail, although we are not the most literary bunch of fishermen. It has the results of last month's tournament and info on what is coming up. Here is the remaining tournament schedule:

February 19th Club meeting at the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge (1/4 mile north of Cactus on 19th Ave) 7:00 pm February 22nd Tournament at Saguaro (Safe light to 3:00 pm)

March 19th Club meeting at FOP lodge 7:00 pm

March 22nd Tournament at Pleasant

April 9th Club meeting at FOP lodge 7:00 pm

April 12th Tournament at Roosevelt

May 14th Club Meeting FOP lodge 7:00 pm

May 17th Tournament at Canyon Lake

June 7th and 8th (2-day) Alamo Lake (meeting date not yet set)

July 23rd Club Meeting at FOP 7:00 pm

July 26th Bartlett Lake (Night tournament)

August 13th Club Meeting at FOP 7:00 pm

August 16th Tournament at Pleasant (night tournament)

September 6th Bartlett Lake (night tournament) meeting date not yet set.

September 30th Club Meeting at FOP 7:00 pm

October 4th and 5th 2-day Tournament at Alamo

November 8th Tournament at Bartlett (meeting date not yet set)

December is when we have our annual awards banquet where we give out end of year prizes and have a dinner at a local restaurant. If you would just like to fish as a guest team, we can allow you to fish without the membership fee, just to see how you like it. Feel free to call me at work, (I am a police detective, so don't be startled when a cop answers the phone.) (602)-495-0249 Hope to see you soon. Detective Mark Potts