Federation Bass Clubs
The Backbone of Tournament Fishing

Most of the tournament bass fishermen got started by fishing a club. 20-30 years ago most fishing clubs were started by boat dealers selling a particular boat, i.e.. Ranger , Hydrosport , Skeeter etc. As time went by, they incorporated into B.A.S.S., which in turn started the Federation for individual states.

There are a lot of Federation clubs out there right now( 20 + ) and they cover many different formats. Some of the formats include 2 day team, 2 day boater/ non- boater, 1 day team , and 1day boater/ non-boater formats. The boater/non-boater formats are what they call DRAW Tournaments.

The way a DRAW tournament works is that boaters and non-boaters join the club. Before the tournament, you draw a partner. The good in this is that you have a different partner every single tournament and both the boater and non-boater will learn to fish different tactics with different partners. The bad side is sometimes you will draw someone that really isn't into fishing or someone that just wants to get away from the wife and could care less about fishing. Sometimes you will also have compatibility issues, i.e.. you want to fish one way and your partner wants to fish another way. However, this very rarely happens.

Team format is where you find a partner that you want to fish with and fish with him/her on all the tournaments. There are plenty of good sides to this and some bad sides as well. The good side is that you fish with someone you know, a friend more than likely, and you generally prefish together and know what your going to do when you get to the lake. You also can borrow your buddies tackle if you need to! The bad thing is you can get upset at a friend for something really stupid and lose a friendship over it, or get in an argument during the week and have to cope with an attitude while fishing the tournament. Usually the tournament fishing will make up for being upset with one another.

There are also draw tournaments too, where you weigh-in fish separately. Basically you fish against the guy you draw in your boat. The problems with this is that the guy in front of the boat can be a real prick and not let the guy in the back of the boat have a chance of casting into some good spots. This happens a lot with pro/amateur tournaments. It's best, and a nice thing to do, to give your non-boater equal time at the trolling motor. At the very least, let him fish in the front of the boat with you.

Here are some clubs in the valley

  1. Roostertales Roostertales website
  2. Lawman Bass Club Lawmans Bass Club website
  3. Canyon Bass
  4. Chandler Bass
  5. Desert Splash
  6. Old Pueblo Bass Anglers (Tucson)
  7. Tucson Bass (Tucson)
  8. Phoenix Bassmasters
  9. Yuma Bassmasters Yuma Bassmasters website
  10. Pago Bass Club PAGO Bass Club website
  11. Arizona Bass Club Arizona Bass Club website