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Terms & Conditions


To create a customer card on the Del-Mart website, click on the "Register" button located in the Authentication Menu on the right side of the page.

You do not need to register on the store to place an order. It will place the order as an "anonymous" user and does not create a customer shopping history. If you would like a shopping history and to be able to reference tracking numbers, notes, etc. made about your order, you should register and log in.


Here is what those Order Status messages mean:

Queued: You have placed an order that is being paid via check/money order or with a credit card over the phone.

Failed: The online payment you tried to process was declined for some reason. Make sure the billing name and address is exactly the same as it appears on your statement.

Processed: You have placed an order and successfully processed an online payment.

Not Finished: A partial shipment of your order has been sent.

Complete: Your order has been shipped to you and is complete.

Complete/Open Invoice: Your order has been sent to you, is complete, and there is an invoice that is not paid on it.



Del-Mart Molds hereby provides that there is no express or implied warranty of fitness to any specific application associated with its products.

The liability for products is exclusively limited to the sales price paid to Del-Mart Molds.

Machined items may have sharp edges. Use caution when handling.

Use appropriate safety glasses, clothing, and equipment for any application Del-Mart Molds products are used with.

We reserve the right to change dimensions on stock items.